Esoteric Integral Yoga School


Joga Neizmerne Sreče in Zdravja (Yoga of Immense happiness and health) is a non-profit association and an integral spiritual school offering a system of authentic spiritual teachings from from the tantric Gupta Mahasiddha lineage, helping you transform and experience the lasting and immense happiness and health that is our innate nature.

We aim to promote and reveal the yoga science and methodology in its traditional forms, teaching not just physical techniques, but including the essential and fundamental theoretical principles behind the yoga system. In this way we can understand more fully how and why yoga works – yoga then becomes for us a valuable tool to be used for the complete transformation on all levels of the human being.

Our school provides knowledge, spiritual advice and the subtle support for understanding and putting in practice the spiritual teachings.

The method revealed by this school and its sister schools in ATMAN Federation of Yoga and Meditation has been applied with great results by tens of thousands of people all over the world. Being scientific and practical, it is easy to approach by the people of our modern world. Being also founded in the deepest spiritual tradition of our planet, this method leads to a profound spiritual transformation of the one who perseveres enough.

We believe that life is a journey of happiness and health. Not just feeling good and being averagely happy, but intensely experiencing yourself and discovering the joy of living that springs from the essence.


How do we aim to transform the world?

Person by person – one soul at a time!

We offer access to some of the most powerful and profound systems of spiritual teachings in the world all aimed at taking you from where you are, to uncovering your true radiant supreme self


Through Individual Practice

Ancient systems such as yoga and tantra have a wide range of different techniques aiming to give more peace of mind, happiness and health. In our classes you receive in-depth theory and practice that you can perform individually in the privacy of your home.

Through individual practice you place the foundation stones for spiritual growth – increased focus and attention, a more open heart, better control of your energies and physical, emotional and mental harmony.


Spiritual schools and communities

We have a network of spiritual schools, teaching yoga and tantra – which include many spiritual communities where people choose to live together to deepen their spiritual studies in an environment that supports a spiritual life.

As part of our mission here in Slovenia, we invite you to join us in building a spiritual community and being part of the wider international movement raising the level of human consciousness.

Joga neizmerne sreče in zdravja is a part of the ATMAN federation of yoga, a federation of yoga schools with thousands of students in 32 countries all over the world, guided by an authentic spiritual guide.




Yoga, Tantra, Shaivism & Astrology Teacher

Benedict is a practitioner and teacher of Esoteric Integral Yoga, Tantra, Astrology and Kashmir Shaivism for the past 17 years. He is a keen follower of the traditional Ayurvedic teachings and has been exploring the mystical nature of life and analysing human psychology, relationships and interconnectivity as part of his explorations into the human essence.



Yoga Teacher, Trainee Tantra Teacher

Neža is a tantric and yoga practitioner, teacher and facilitator. She dives into the understanding of the essence of life and the world around us using traditional spiritual texts and teachings to inspire others. She leads through her own example, helping people to reconnect and rediscover their own true nature, using different yogic and tantric tools to initiate an authentic awakening on the spiritual journey.